Utifar convention

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th , the national convention in Agrigento was held at the Dioscuri Bay Palace on the theme of studying the customer base for developing pharmacies, services and wellness.

An important speech was given by Dr. Architect Marco Pagliai, PASSARELLA General Manager, on the theme of studying the customer base for creating value and improving customer service.

Dr. Pagliai explained how pharmacies have changed since the 1980s and what the ingredients are today for having a successful pharmacy, through new concepts such as:

Communication, Information and Emotivity

President of the FOFI (Federation of the Orders of Italian Pharmacists) Andrea Mandelli, Anna Rosa Racca, President of Federfarma, and other institutional representatives were amongst the guests.

Participants expressed considerable interest and paid particular attention.


Dr. Architect Marco Pagliai  (Passarella General Manager)

Dr. Roberto Giampietri (Prof. Econ. Aspects and Marketing of Pharmaceuticals, Department of Pharmacological Sciences University of Milan)