Internal production

Production is done directly in our company, ensuring that each article is produced with quality down to the smallest detail: this is done by continuous monitoring during all production phases, employing the finest materials and most advanced construction technologies.

Creativity and innovation are the trademarks of Italian-made products. And it is by following these design principles that we create our internal furnishings for pharmacy sales outlets.

All the furniture and furnishing accessories are produced internally in the Passarella factory in Desio under the constant monitoring of technicians and designers. Before being delivered, they are assembled to check the production results and for any defects or mistakes. Only at the end of this “quality control” process are the furnishings shipped to their destination.

Our technicians will be there on-site at the pharmacy to follow through the installation and assembly phases. It is a very delicate phase, as the final result can often be compromised by a hasty delivery.

The result of constant research and development, the aim of our internal production is to satisfy the design needs, which increasingly tend toward a diversification and qualification of merchandising sectors. Passarella furnishing systems are a guarantee of technological innovation, aesthetic quality, taste and business dynamism.