Distribution and merchandising layout

Preparation of a design for internal distribution logistics (physical layout) and merchandising (Category management), specifically for the local social-economic context, aimed at developing a specific business strategy and creating value by means of display.

Only 55 years of experience and modern and rational know-how can allow innovative projects of distribution and merchandising layouts of this caliber to be achieved.

Passarella is able to achieve all of this thanks to a multi-professional team able to elaborate specific layouts and transform simple furnishings into an exhibitory machine with high productivity levels in visual sales. The layouts, first merchandising then physical afterwards, are conceptualised with the objective of guiding the flow of customers dynamically, making the presentation of sectors and products more effective and increasing opportunities for sales and creating a true shopping experience. All of this translates into customer satisfaction, loyalty to the shop/store and a significant increase in sales.

Our architects follow a precise Passarella methodology for studying and designing structures aimed at guaranteeing a product that is rational and effective, in addition to being a pleasant experience. A step-by-step process to determine the best physical and distribution layout.

The first appointment

The company forwards the contact to the area architect whose responsibility is to visit the pharmacy to establish a proactive relationship. Using a dedicated sheet, the architect then collects all the data the pharmacy can provide on the area in which it operates, the pharmacist’s expectations and, in the event of renovation of the business premises, on the existing linear display structures and how they are organized.

Planimetric survey

The second step sees our architects involved in a careful examination in which the premises are surveyed, photographs taken and the structure analysed in order to have a view that is as realistic as possible of the true conditions of the business that is the subject of a future design.

Need analysis

A structured interview (3rd step) is conducted using a dedicated sheet where the true needs of the pharmacist in the new pharmacy will be explored in order to draw up a precise design. What should the new pharmacy be like? How should it operate? What kind of work is to be done there? What services can be developed? What potentials can be developed? What kind of growth can be obtained? How much to invest?

Many answers will be obtained simultaneously through the previously mentioned Micromarketing studies conducted by our experts through an analysis of customer base data, competitors and official data available or collected by specific surveys. A veritable Market Plan.

Design presentation

The design presentation is the most important moment for our company as we present the results of a complex study that has involved many professionals and is a concentration of our know-how. To make the design concrete, Passarella has developed one of the most sophisticated three-dimensional presentation systems which makes viewing of the setting and facilities realistic. This puts the pharmacist in the best conditions for virtually viewing the new pharmacy even down its smallest details and to evaluate the final result compared to the objectives set in the planning phase.