Opening a new pharmacy?

Are you one of the extraordinary contest winners and have to open a new pharmacy?

It’s time, you have to open a new pharmacy soon and don’t know where to start? No problem, rely on our company and our managers’ experience and know how. Passarella has over fifty years of experience in designing and creating modern pharmacies in its DNA and will help you make decisions step by step with an innovative method to reach your goal, never leaving you alone.

Building a new pharmacy today, in addition to being a significant financial investment, is a challenge since you have to know how to interpret consumers’ needs and develop markets and services. For us, designing a new pharmacy means meeting the needs of an entrepreneur who wants to communicate his/her professional image while achieving a feasible, profitable, functional, attractive and, in other words, successful design. To do this, we are organised to offer you the best territorial studies, to identify area potential and create a suitable business plan, with a multifunctional team of experts who will help you to build the best point of sale possible.

Today’s pharmacy (considered as a point of sale) is a work tool, a machine servicing the profession, that must be custom designed and built according to the pharmacist’s professional vision and provide the opportunity to perform all sales, communication, service and advice activities that tangibly influence the professional image and sales and profitability results.

Per avere un farmacia vincente oggi non è più sufficiente essere in possesso di un uno schizzo progettuale o di una bozza di progetto ma occorre disporre di informazioni, dati, di una qualità progettuale sempre più elevata. Passarella ha strutturato il proprio processo di progettazione integrandolo ad altre discipline quali il Geomarketing, la comunicazione visiva, la gestione delle merceologie a scaffale, la redditività del lineare con un’assistenza pre e post vendita.

A design draft or sketch are no longer sufficient to build a winning pharmacy today. You need information, data and a high quality design. Passarella has organised its design process to integrate other factors such as geomarketing, visual communications, shelf management, linear profitability with pre and post sales service.

Our experts and architects are the most qualified on the market to help you in all design phases including:

  • The most profitable location selection,
  • Selection between several alternative locations,
  • Local health services and town paperwork management,
  • Feasibility plan,
  • Construction site consulting,
  • Visual communications,
  • piano di Category management,
  • Service space planning
  • Display line development,
  • Correct proportion between open space and counter space,
  • Circulation flows.