Architectural study

A multidisciplinary team (architects, experts in visual communication, sales and marketing, sales outlet logistics experts) develops a finely detailed design for a new pharmacy to create an exclusive ambiance.

A multidisciplinary team is responsible for the lighting design, for creating vitality and an image by lighting the premises, enhancing the comfort of the surroundings, product layouts and products. It follows through the process of creating furnishings constantly observing the quality of the materials used and workmanship, the degree of finishing on details, the desired style which is always Italian-inspired.

The ambiance is derived from several synergetic factors:

  • an attentive architectural study of the premises
  • the pharmacist’s professional expectations
  • the target one wants to develop
  • type of strategy one wants to develop
  • services to be offered

The objective is to create a personalised and innovative pharmacy, tailor-made to the customer’s true needs and able to create value in terms of image and income.

Each furnishing, every detail, every light and colour is studied so as to create a product display that guides the customer through preset shopping routes, displays products prominently and leads to sales. Innovation and functionality of the furnishings serve as a backdrop for the entire shopping experience in which customers will be involved.

For this reason, Passarella custom designs feature a high level of architectural quality and create value for those selling and buying with unique and innovative solutions.