A leader in the interior architecture industry for pharmacies, Passarella came into being 60 years ago. Since being founded in 1960 by brothers Orazio and Silvano Passarella, the company has been on a constant industrial upswing, leading it to become a benchmark in creating innovative sales outlets for both Italian pharmacists as well as in European and Middle Eastern spheres.

Quality, competence, methodology, and innovation have always been the keystones of its corporate mission: Passarella today is guided by the second generation of the Passarella family leading it to become a modern and innovative industrial business with a specialised team of professionals and managers.

The know-how and professional skills honed over the years, use of the finest materials and cutting-edge furnishing technology are the result of Passarella’s constant search for innovative pharmacy models to which an attentive study of the region and market has now been added. In addition to designing and ambiance, Passarella now offers new useful services during the planning phases (Geomarketing, business plans) able to determine the reality of each new sales outlet and rationally develop the best internal (Visual Merchandising, category) and external (Window, Brand, Logo) communications strategy.

Passarella’s market leadership is due to a number of factors:

  • a pronounced Italian style,
  • attention to creating quality and high profile furnishings,
  • exceptional attention to accessibility, efficiency and marketability,
  • eco-compatibility,
  • safety.

Our company is growing on a daily basis thanks to all these factors, but also in particular, due to an extensive network of architects located throughout Italy to assist and advise you on all the technical and managerial aspects you will find necessary for creating value through a new pharmacy.