Architecture, furnishings and growth strategies that will turn your pharmacy into a success story.

Quality, methodology and innovation, the cornerstones of everything we do. An innovative industrial reality made up of a multi-specialized team of professionals ready to render their know-how at the service of your business.

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Adding value to your Pharmacy

Development potential and strategy

Micromarketing studies and analysis of the region (Geomarketing), performance analysis of departments, strategies for creating value for customers and economic sustainability for the pharmacy.

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Distribution and merchandising layout

Preparation of a design for internal distribution logistics (physical layout) and merchandising (Category management), specifically for the local social-economic context, aimed at developing a specific business strategy and creating value by means of display.

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Architectural study

A multidisciplinary team (architects, experts in visual communication, sales and marketing, sales outlet logistics experts) develops a finely detailed design for a new pharmacy to create an exclusive ambiance.

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Integrated communication

A study of the sales outlet’s internal as well as external communication in order to present products most effectively (Visual Merchandising) and enhance the overall image.

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Internal production

Production is done directly in our company, ensuring that each article is produced with quality down to the smallest detail: this is done by continuous monitoring during all production phases, employing the finest materials and most advanced construction technologies.

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After-sales service

Merchandising setup, product display final detailing, routine and extraordinary maintenance for future needs, periodic visits by the area manager, contacts from the management and customer relations department, satisfaction assessment card, cleanser kits, warranty certificate with structural and technical data regarding the created sales outlet.

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